Google Classroom is more popular than ever! I thought it would be useful to put together a list of resources to help you do more, learn more, and engage more learners in your classroom and online.

Here are 50 Google Classroom Resources That Will Make Your Day!

50 Google Classroom Resources That Will Make Your Day

I write and create a lot of Google Classroom blog posts, podcasts, courses, playlists, and more just for Shake Up Learning readers.

There is even a special resource page on this site that you can visit at any time to see the latest resources. Bookmark it and come back to it when you need some new inspiration.

I thought it would be handy to create this special blog post where you can find not only the top Shake Up Learning resources, but also resources from Google, some podcast episodes, recommended books, and more!

Below you will find my curated list of the top 50 Google Classroom Resources that I think will make your day!

Actually, it’s way more than 50 when you consider how many more resources are contained within each one of these links. You’re guaranteed to discover something new!

Shake Up Learning Google Classroom Resources

1. The Google Classroom Master Class (Online Course)

2. The Google Classroom Cheat Sheets for Teachers and Students

3. 10 Google Classroom Tips for Remote Learning

4. How to Organize Assignments in Google Classroom

5. Google Classroom Cleanup Tips for the End of the Year

6. How to Use Google Templates and Assign in Google Classroom

7. 10 Google Classroom Tips You Didn’t Know

8. 5 Chrome Extensions that Make Google Classroom Even More Awesome

9. Google Classroom FAQ – Your Most Common Questions Answered!

10. Stop Asking How to Put a Worksheet in Google Classroom

11. 4 Ways to Give Meaningful Feedback with Google Classroom

12. 15 Google Classroom Tips for Teachers

13. FREE Webinar: 5 Things to Know About the New Google Classroom

14. How to Create a Class Template in Google Classroom

15. 6 Tips for Getting Started with Google Classroom

16. 70+ Awesome Apps that Integrate with Google Classroom

17. How to Package Your Digital Assignments

18. 4 Must-Have Google Classroom Skills

19. Infuse Google Classroom with the Power of YouTube

20. 15 Ways to Use Google Classroom in Professional Learning

21. 20 New Ways to Use Google Classroom

22. Digital Differentiation with Google Classroom

23. Create Interactive Lessons for Google Classroom with TES Teach with Blendspace

24. Google Classroom Comments: All You Need to Know

25. How to Create a Google Classroom Custom Header

26. The Share to Google Classroom Chrome Extension

27. Google Classroom Pinterest Board

28. All Things Google Pinterest Board

29. Google Classroom Resource Page

30. Google Resources from Shake Up Learning

31. Shake Up Learning’s Google Classroom YouTube Playlist

The Shake Up Learning Show Podcast

Many of the blog posts mentioned above are also available in a podcast (audio) format.

32. Stop Asking How to Put a Worksheet in Google Classroom (e18)

33. 10 Google Classroom Tips You Didn’t Know (e29)

34. 15 Ways to Use Google Classroom in Professional Learning (e34)

35. 70+ Awesome Apps That Integrate with Google Classroom (e53)

36. Google Classroom Clean Up Tips for the End of the Year (e64)

37. 5 Chrome Extensions for Google Classroom (e66)

Google Support:

38. Google Classroom Support Center

39. The First Days of Google Classroom Resource Page

40. Google Teaching Center

41. Google Edu in 90 (YouTube Video Series)

42. Google’s Teach From Home Resource Site

43. Google Classroom Help Community


The titles below are vetted and written by highly qualified educators that I know and recommend. Be aware there are many fake authors and books about Google Classroom on Amazon. Only buy from verified authors!

44. 50 Things You Can Do with Google Classroom

45. The Google Infused Classroom

46. The Chromebook Infused Classroom

47. Stepping Up to Google Classroom

48. Google Apps for Littles

49. The Hyperdoc Handbook

50. Shake Up Learning: Practical Ideas to Move Learning From Static to Dynamic

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