A Perfectionist with Paralysis: Why I’m Finally Blogging


I have started a blog several times with the best of intentions. I occasionally contribute to a work blog. When I was still in the classroom, I had my students’ blogging. I encourage teachers almost on a daily basis to blog with their students. However, I have let my own excuses get in the way. I have spent countless hours researching the best platforms, templates, plugins, hosting options, and trying to come up with the perfect title for my blog. I’m a perfectionist with paralysis. I have unrealistic expectations of myself. I wanted to launch my blog not only with the perfect content, but also with perfect SEO, customized images, and stand out in the crowd of an ocean of educational bloggers. It’s all for not. My blog will never be perfect. I will never have enough hours in the day. So I have decided to let go, and focus on another skill that I speak on almost daily–risk taking! It’s time to get this thing going. So today, I’m taking a risk and putting myself out there, putting my blog out there, imperfections and all.

I’m hoping that my PLN will help hold me accountable for keeping this blog updated. I am determined to not let this blog die with the others. (My blog graveyard has many a headstone.) I am first and foremost a learner. So today I take the reins and dip my toes into the blogosphere. Wish me luck!

This is my challenge to other educators that are like me: what are you holding back? What risks do you need to take to push yourself further, to push your students further? Don’t be afraid of failure, or let your own need for perfection paralyze your contribution to the world.

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