Want to Make Your Pinterest Boards Shine? Create matching board covers with Canva to help you and your students navigate your Pinterest boards with ease!

By now you have figured out that Canva and Pinterest are two of my favorite digital tools! Pinterest is such a popular tool among teachers! It’s great for professional learning, and creating boards for your students. Why not get organized, and create beautiful covers for your boards? It’s easy with Canva!

Here’s a birds-eye view of my Pinterest boards. Most of my boards, the ones that I own and use for education, have custom covers that I made using Canva. It makes it very easy to see the title of the board, and gives me an opportunity to use my own branding. Canva makes this task a cinch! I’ve detailed steps below.

Here’s a birds-eye view of my Pinterest boards. Most of my boards, the ones that I own and use for education, have custom covers that I made using Canva. It makes it very easy to see the title of the board, and gives me an opportunity to use my own branding. Canva makes this task a cinch! I’ve detailed steps below.

Shake Up Learning on Pinterest

Step 1: Get a Canva Account! Trust me, this tool is incredible. You will find so many ways to use this design and image tool in your classroom. Your students will love it, too.  More on that later…Go ahead and get your account set-up, I’ll wait…

Step 2: Create Your Canvas with Custom Dimensions. There are many templates in Canva for all types of social media, posters, presentations, and more. The Pinterest board cover is NOT in the list at the top. You must choose custom dimensions.

Use Custom Dimensions

The correct size for a Pinterest board cover is 217 x 147. Enter these dimensions, and click Design!

217 x 147

Step 3: Design your Pinterest board cover! The next screen will give you options for the layout.

Canva Toolbar

I usually start by choosing a background, but you can work in whatever order suits your creativity. Backgrounds can be solid, patterns, or images. You can even use custom colors, which is how I made my boards match my website and blog.

Choose a Background

Choose a Background

You can search for images, frames, icons, lines, and much more to add a professional touch to your design. You can even upload your own images, as I did with my avatar.

Upload Images

Upload Images

For an effective and professional Pinterest board cover, make the title of your board as large as possible so it can easily be read on your profile. You may need to reconsider the names of your boards, as I did. Short and sweet works best on the cover. You can add plain text, and choose from some great fonts! You can also try the special text holders to add a little flair.

Add Text

Step 4: Download Your Image. Click Download or Link in the top-right, then choose image.

Download Image

Publish Image

Step 5: Upload Your Image to Your Pinterest Board. Login to your Pinterest account, and click on the + sign near the top-right of the page. Choose Upload a Pin. Navigate to your new Canva image, and add it to the board for which it is named.

Upload a Pin

Step 6: Set the Image as the Cover. Now, go to your profile page and hover over the board you wish to edit, and click on the Change Cover button. Use the arrows to navigate to your new image. (It should be the first one). Once selected, click Save Changes.

Change Board Cover

That’s it! Now you can return to Canva and make a copy of your board cover to create more covers with a matching theme!

Canva is a phenomenal tool for the classroom as well. Students can use Canva to create images for presentations, blog posts, posters, research projects, and more.

There are so many ways that you can use this tool! I use Canva to create images for the blog posts you see here, in my presentations, and across social media. Both Canva and Pinterest made my list of 10 EPIC Tools I Can’t Live Without.

Pinterest is a great way to connect and learn with other educators. Be sure you check out my list of 35 Educators You Must Follow on Pinterest.

How do you use Canva? Please share in the comments below.

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