Have you ever wanted to add your zoom link or additional information for students to the Google How to Add Zoom Link in Google Classroom HeaderClassroom header?

Yes, you can add your clickable Google Meet link, but what if you don’t use Meet?

Or, maybe you have other information that you wish was available in the header so students could find it easily?

This tip will help you add additional information and links to the header.

(Note: links will not be clickable, but can be copied and pasted)

Special thanks to @VirtualGiff for sharing this tip with the Google Teacher Podcast!

When Google introduced the integration of Google Meet with Google Classroom, they added a special feature that a lot of teachers love. When you generate the Meet link in Google Classroom, you can share it in the header so students can see it and access it quickly.

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But many schools use Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or other video chat platforms instead of Google Meet.

Here’s a workaround. It’s not perfect, and the link WILL NOT BE CLICKABLE like the Meet link, but it’s better than nothing!

STEP 1: Go to the Class in Google Classroom

STEP 2: Go to the Settings (click on the Settings icon near the top right of the page).

STEP 3: Under the first section named “Class Details” and add your additional links or other information to the additional fields that you don’t use–class description, section, room, or subject.

How to Add Zoom Link in Google Classroom Header

STEP 4: Click SAVE

The link or information you entered will now appear on the header in the Google Classroom Stream.

How to Add Zoom Link in Google Classroom Header

It’s not perfect, but it’s a nice workaround. Be sure to teach your students how to copy and paste. Every student will need copy and paste skills!

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