How to Create an eBook with Google Slides

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Did you know that Google Slides can be used for much more than just presentations? Google Slides is one of the most flexible learning tools in the G Suite. In fact, I used Google Slides to create my eBook: The Google Classroom Cheat Sheets for Teachers and Students! That’s right! Google Slides made the process of creating an eBook so much easier than if I had done it in Google Docs. Google Slides allows you to manipulate and edit images in ways that you cannot in Google Docs. That’s why a lot of the materials you see on Teachers Pay Teachers are created with PowerPoint or Google Slides. With Slides, you can add backgrounds, borders, and layer text boxes, graphics, and shapes. If you have ever been frustrated with trying to get an image in the exact spot you want in Google Docs, you may want to try it in Google Slides. Since you can easily convert your slides to PDF, the most universally accepted file format, your eBook can be read on practically any device.

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How to Create an eBook with Google Slides

How to create an eBook in Google Slides

Customize the Size

First, create the customize size for the eBook. Go to File>Page Setup, choose Custom, and you can create your slides in any size you wish. For an eBook, most likely, you will want 8.5 x 11 inches—the same as a standard sheet of paper. If you do not plan to print, you may consider other sizes.

How to Create an eBook with Google Slides

Add Your Content

Create a cover page, header, footer with page numbers and title. Make it interactive if you want by adding links to outside resources and websites. You may even wish to add a table of contents, depending on how long your eBook is. Keep in mind there isn’t an automatic table of contents generator like there is in Docs so you will have to create this from scratch.

You can link your table of contents to the slide/page by going to Insert>Link (control/command + K), and choosing the slide number.

How to Create an eBook with Google Slides

Download as PDF

Once you have finished the content of your book, you can convert OR download as PDF by going to File>Download as>PDF. Save your PDF in the location of your choice. Now you can share your PDF eBook anywhere you like. You can even upload it to your Google Drive and grab a shareable link to place on your website, blog, or in your lesson.

How to Create an eBook in Google Slides

Show Your Students!

I love it when teachers learn how to create new things, but I love it, even more, when they empower their students to be creators. Show your students how to create their own eBooks with Google Slides. How will you try this in your classroom? Please share in the comments below! I’d love for you to come back and share links to your students’ work as well!

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