Ready for some summer fun? It’s time for a new magnetic poetry template with a fun, summer theme! This is perfect for a back-to-school activity, or even some summer professional learning with teachers! Introducing, the Summer Magnetic Poetry FREE template and tutorial!

Summer Magnetic Poetry (FREE Template and Tutorial)I frequently refer to Google Slides as the Swiss Army Knife of G Suite, and here’s your chance to play and learn!

You know those really fun little magnets that challenge you to create a poem with just a small word bank? This template (and the three others I’ve shared previously) give you a digital version to use in your classroom.

You can use it with a theme, like, “What did you do over the summer?” Or try the Halloween or Winter versions.

I started creating these several years ago, and I promised to make a tutorial to show you how to create your own. Well, I finally delivered!

In addition to giving you this FREE template, I’m also giving you a FREE mini-course tutorial to show you exactly how I created this activity using Google Slides and Google Drawings.

Now, you can create whatever kind of magnetic poetry you want and use whatever vocabulary works with your curriculum.

Even better, once you learn these skills in Google Slides and Google Drawings, you will see how easy it is to create all kinds of interactive lessons, virtual manipulatives and more! Even if you don’t teach poetry, you can learn some super cool skills that will help you create for your classroom.

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Get the Summer Magnetic Poetry Template

This template is easy to use and revise to make it your own. It contains a lot of essential words and some fun, summer words. The word bank is on the second slide to students can easily copy and paste from the word bank onto the background slide. (Great for practicing copy and paste skills!)

Click here to view the template. | Click here to make a copy.

Summer Magnetic Poetry (FREE Template and Tutorial)

How to Create Magnetic Poetry Mini-Course

Want to learn how to make your own magnetic poetry and other types of interactive lessons?

Jump into my FREE mini-course, How to Create Magnetic Poetry with Google Slides and Drawings.

How to Create Magnetic Poetry

In this course, are two, quick, video-based lessons to show you how to create the background and create your own word images. All self-paced! Learn when and where you want! Easy peasy!

Summer Magnetic Poetry (FREE Template and Tutorial)



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