The Dynamic Learning Workshop and Coaching Package

Ready to transform the classrooms in your school?

The Dynamic Learning Workshop and Coaching PackageThis three-day workshop and coaching package will help you and your teachers make meaningful technology integration a reality!

Technology is not a magic solution for education. It is an opportunity!

An opportunity to shake things up, to connect and grow, and to create dynamic learning experiences for our students!

Is the learning in your classroom static or dynamic?

Does your classroom offer one and done types of learning activities, or does the learning grow, inspire, and evolve throughout the year and beyond?

With digital tools that are available 24/7, the learning doesn’t have to stop when the bell rings, or when the worksheet is turned in. The learning takes on a life of its own; it becomes dynamic.

Dynamic Learning is at the heart of my book, Shake Up Learning: Practical Ideas to Move Learning From Static to Dynamic.

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The Two-Day Workshop

In this face-to-face workshop, which I also offer as an online course, we will spend two, full days digging into the Dynamic Learning Framework, my best practices for MEANINGFUL technology integration.

All participants will receive a signed copy of Shake Up Learning.

Day 1 Outline 

Below is a rough outline of what to expect on day one of the workshop.

  1. Introduction
  2. Ice Breaker Pre-Assessment
  3. Book Tour/Overview of Workshop
  4. Why Shake Up Learning
  5. Top 20 Tech Tips
  6. Move From Static to Dynamic
    1. DNA of Dynamic Learning
    2. Essential Components
    3. The 4 C’s
    4. ISTE Standards for Students
  7. The Dynamic Learning Framework
    1. Beyond the Bell
    2. Beyond the Grade Level and Subject
    3. Beyond the Walls
    4. Beyond the Tools
    5. Beyond the Due Date
  8. Student Voice and Choice
    1. Digital Choice Boards

Day 2 Outline

Below is a rough outline of what to expect on day two of the workshop.

  1. Review yesterday, answer lingering questions
  2. Easy Lesson Plan Makeovers (Do This, Not That)
  3. Dynamic Learning Model Lessons
  4. How to Plan a Dynamic Learning Experience
    1. The DLE Template
  5. Fearless Implementation
  6. Honest Reflection
  7. Share with the World
  8. Time to Plan the Dynamic Learning Experience that will be implemented in the classroom before Kasey’s coaching visit.

Day 3 Coaching Visit

Day three is a follow-up day scheduled several weeks after the workshop so that teachers have had time to implement their Dynamic Learning experience in their classrooms.

Kasey will meet one-on-one with each teacher to discuss how the implementation went and using coaching questions and strategies, Kasey will coach these teachers to help them improve their lessons.

After reflecting on their lessons, teachers will make any necessary revisions to their DLE and upload it to the Lesson Plan database to share with the world.

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The Dynamic Learning Workshop (Online Course)

This workshop is also offered as an online, self-paced course. You can learn more about the course and purchase here. We also offer discounts for groups of 15 or more, as well as site license options.


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