Explore Google trending search topics with Google Trends. See what’s trending, what’s popular, and much more data!

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In the Classroom: Google Trends is a great discussion starter. Ask students to analyze the data, make predictions, and talk about how the world is changing.

Google Correlate

Google Correlate is actually a part of Google Trends. It finds search patterns which correspond with real-world trends.

Check out this great Comic Book explanation of Google Correlate!

In the Classroom: Google Correlate is a great tool for finding correlations with current events like the Ebola outbreak. It is also a great way to explain the difference between correlation and causation to students!


Ngram Viewer is a part of Google Books. Five MILLION books have been archived covering a span of the last 500 years, and Google has made the data from those books searchable. Visualise the rise and fall of particular keywords across 5 million books and 500 years!

In the Classroom: This tool would be great for having students research keywords around a historical event like World War II and do a comparison with published works and popular authors of the time in Ngram Viewer.


The Google Public Data Explorer makes large datasets that are made publically available by the government and other agencies easy to explore, visualize and communicate. Here you can find everything from unemployment and population to Ebola and weather.

Four types of visualizations :

  • line chart
  • bar chart
  • map
  • scatter plot

Bonus: You can now upload your own data sets.

In the classroom: There are so many ways that this data and the visualizations could be used in the classroom. These statistics would be great for research projects, geography, authentic math problems, and more!

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