The Guide to Keeping Up with Google - Part 1: The #Google Hashtag Dictionary

I’m sharing the secrets to keeping up with Google!

To update one of last year’s most popular posts, The Guide to Keeping Up with Google, I am putting together a new guide and blog series with tips for keeping up with Google. I often get asked, “How do you keep up with Google?” Well, first let me say that it’s almost impossible! However, social media is the best way to stay up-to-date on all things Google. I am not an expert. I am a learner first! I learn from my PLN, from bloggers, from news sources, from YouTube, and a variety of other social media platforms. I have compiled a list of hashtags, people, blogs, communities, and more that I follow.

Did you miss the other parts in this series?

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 But let me begin by saying that this guide is meant to be just that, a guide, a starting point. I do not read everything. You have to select your most valuable players, and that will vary depending on your purpose and your goals. Choose what works for you! I am starting with hashtags. Keep in mind that hashtags are not just for Twitter and Instagram, they can be found all over the web. Hashtags are a way of categorizing and connecting information. Below are some of the most common hashtags, and the ones I find most useful in finding Google resources and other Google Apps enthusiasts. Search for the ones that interest you, and on the platforms that appeal to you and see what’s there. (Note: The links below are to a Twitter search to give you an idea of what people share with that hashtag.)

The Google Hashtag Dictionary

The top two hashtags for Google in Education:

  • #GoogleEdu (Google in Education): This is Google’s official hashtag for all things Google in Education.
  • #GAFE (Google Apps For Education): This one has been around a little bit longer but is still very popular, and is shorter, so it comes in handy when you only 140 characters.

General Google Hashtags:

  • #Google: Of course this is still a very popular hashtag but will connect with much more than just educational uses of Google.
  • #GoogleSearch: Google’s search engine is full of amazing tricks and information. This hashtag will help connect you with search related information.

Google Events:

Google Certifications:

Google updated the certifications over the summer and gave us new hashtags. Follow these hashtags to connect and learn with Google Certified Innovators and Trainers.

  • #GoogleET (Google for Education Certified Trainers)
  • #GoogleEI (Google for Education Certified Innovators)

App Specific Hashtags:

You will see various versions of hashtags for specific Google Apps, like #GoogleDocs, but they are not all used consistently enough to list here. But feel free to use and search when you are looking for app specific resources.

  • #GoogleClassroom: Google Classroom is quickly becoming a favorite app among educators, and with all of the recent updates, this hashtag will come in handy when keeping up with Google Classroom.
  • #GplusEd: I have often said that Google+ is an amazing resource and social media platform for educators. This hashtag isn’t the most popular but is another way to connect and learn.
  • #EduHangout: Google Hangouts offer an amazing way to connect and learn with other educators, experts, authors and more! Check this hashtag for details!

Stay tuned for more ways to keep up with Google by subscribing to the Shake Up Learning blog! Next up: Who to follow!

Did you miss the other parts in this series?

What are your MVP’s for keeping up with Google? Please share in the comments below! I love learning from you!

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