As co-host of The Google Teacher Tribe Podcast, and host of the soon-to-be-released Shake Up Learning Show, it’s no secret that I like podcasts.

The Teacher's Guide to PodcastsI am also an avid listener of many podcasts myself, both for professional learning and personal interests.

Podcasting is bigger than ever, but many teachers have no idea what a podcast is or why they should give them a listen.

I decided to ask my friend and producer of The Google Teacher Tribe Podcast, Chris Nesi, to write the Teacher’s Guide to Podcasts to help more teachers understand the power of podcast learning.

Podcasts are great for learning, exploring personal interests, professional interests, and even a great way for students to learn.

Use this guide to get started and better understand what a podcast is and the power of podcast learning.

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Below is a guest post by Chris Nesi, host of The House of #Edtech Podcast.

The Teacher’s Guide to Podcasts

Listening to podcasts has never been cooler or easier than right now!

Podcasts come in many shapes, sizes, and flavors and they offer you the opportunity to be entertained, educated or both.

Teachers can use podcasts in their classrooms, for professional learning, or to explore their own interests.

What Is A Podcast?

You can ask ten different people and get a variety of answers to this question.

Think of podcasts like a talk radio show that’s available on-demand, and you can listen on just about any device.

Here’s a detailed definition of podcasts:

Podcasts are audio/video/text files that are distributed via RSS from a podcasting Web site to listen to on a device that can ‘read’ the content of the RSS feed; computers, tablets, cell phones, and personal digital audio players. The term comes from a combination of the words iPod (the digital audio player made by Apple) and broadcasting. You can use virtually any portable media player or your computer to listen.

The good news is that to listen to podcasts you don’t need to know how any of that works.

How to Listen to Podcasts

The easiest way to listen to a podcast is to subscribe to specific podcasts on your phone.

Depending on your mobile platform you can consider the following apps for podcast listening:

Most podcasts also have a website where the host(s) will post links and resources mentioned in their episodes.

A good podcast website will also include subscribe buttons on the home page.

If you visit the site on your device, you will be able to subscribe with a couple of taps, like on The House of #Edtech website.

If you’ve never listened to podcasts on your iPhone, then I recommend you get the Overcast App for listening to podcasts.

The best features about Overcast are smart speed playback and volume boost.

You can also listen to the podcasts you subscribe to on the Overcast website.

If you start an episode on your phone and want to listen in your classroom on your computer, you will resume that content where you left off.

When you resume playing the app will even start a podcast 101 post for people who don’t understand what they are or how to listen.

How to Find Podcasts

Most people listen to podcasts based on the recommendation of someone they know.

Word of mouth is the best way to discover and share podcasts.

So ask your friends what they listen to and enjoy.

Here’s a list of Kasey’s recommended podcasts for teachers.

If you want to customize your listening experience, search Google for “your topic/interest” + podcast

You can also search by keyword in many podcast apps.

For example, you can search “edtech” or “education technology,” and you will see many podcasts that relate to or cover this topic.

If you’re looking for some of the best education-themed podcasts, you need to check out the Education Podcast Network

This is a network of educators and content creators who have a passion for education and podcasting!

TIP: As you find podcasts you enjoy, talk about them with other people and recommend them to people who you think will also enjoy them!

Podcasts for Professional Learning

There are many podcasts for educators and professional learning.

This is like having PD in your pocket!

Learn what you want, when you want.

Many educators like to listen to their favorite podcasts on their commute or during a workout.

Since most podcasts are audio, it’s easy to listen as you do other things.

I am the co-host of  The  #PodcastPD Podcast, anytime, anywhere learning for educators.

Along with my co-hosts, Stacey Lindes, and AJ Bianco, we discuss a variety of topics to help you grow as an educator.

Explore the hashtags #PodcastEDU  and #PodcastPD to find and connect with new podcasts on Twitter.

But be sure you refer back to the podcast show notes (usually available on the podcast’s website) for additional information and links.

Kasey and Matt always include lots of resources in the show notes for The Google Teacher Tribe Podcast.

Podcasts in the Classroom

Podcasts can also be used to enhance the learning experience in your classroom.

There are podcasts about news, current events, history, literature, grammar, math, science, foreign language, and everything else under the sun.

Many teachers will use podcasts as a learning station and ask students to take notes and respond to the topic in some way.

How to Start Your Own Podcast

Once you start listening to podcasts you might find yourself thinking, “I’d like to create my own podcast.” or “I’d like my students to create podcasts.”

For this, I recommend you connect with me and check out my podcasting resources and recommendations for personal and educational podcasting.

Chris NesiChristopher J. Nesi is a high school social studies teacher from New Jersey. He launched the House of #EdTech Podcast in 2014 and also co-hosts the #PodcastPD Podcast with Stacey Lindes and AJ Bianco. Chris is also the founder of the Education Podcast Network and the producer of the Google Teacher Tribe, Partial Credit, and #AssistLearning Podcasts.



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