I started the Shake Up Learning Show Podcast in 2018.

The Top 20 Podcast EpisodesWith more than 65 episodes under my belt and more than 315,000 downloads, I thought I should share the top 20 episodes.

New episodes are released every Tuesday morning and cover a variety of educational topics.

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Below you will find a variety of podcast episodes, including solo episodes, inspiring educator interviews, student interviews, and even some on-air coaching with teachers.

1. Top 20 Tech Tips for Teachers (e01)

HINT: It’s all about the LEARNING! These are tried-and-true tips that I believe can make a big difference for you and your students. This episode is also part of my five-episode series on meaningful technology integration.

This was my very first episode, and it’s no surprise it has remained at the top. Not only has this episode been around the longest, but it is also jam-packed with tips from my book, Shake Up Learning.

2. How to Create Drag and Drop Activities in Google Slides (e27)

In this video and podcast episode, I’m going to share with you a little-known secret–how to create drag and drop activities with Google Slides.

This episode was a bit of an experiment! I pulled the audio from a YouTube tutorial, so it’s available in three types of media, audio podcast, YouTube video tutorial, and blog post.

3. BONUS: Coronavirus School Closures? Online Learning Tips for Teachers and Schools [interview with an American Teacher in China]

Are you prepared for online learning if your school is closed for an extended period of time? Teachers and administrators listen up! In this candid interview, I chat with Jennifer Pearson, a tech coach who recently evacuated from China due to the coronavirus. Jennifer’s school has been relying on home learning and online learning with their students in China. Jennifer shares tips, tools, and best practices for this special situation. And it’s not what you think! Jennifer helps us focus on the right things during this difficult time.

This episode was recorded BEFORE everything was shut down in the U.S. The guidance Jennifer provided was so valuable!

4. Home Learning with Choice Boards During School Closures [interview with Laura Steinbrink] (e56)

In this episode, Laura Steinbrink shares her choice board strategy for student home learning with both offline and online options. Learn how she is approaching this unprecedented time with grace and understanding, supporting all her students!

5. 10 Google Docs Tips Every Teacher Should Know (e55)

Over the years, I have cultivated a laundry list of tips and ideas for using Google Docs in the classroom. In this episode, I will share with you 10 Google Docs Tips Every Teacher Should Know. We will cover basic skills, as well as some tips to help you become a power user.

6. Practical Tips for Remote Learning During School Closures (e57)

Let’s get real, y’all! While the world is battling the coronavirus, teachers and schools are scrambling to figure out what this home learning thing looks like. I’ve put together practical tips for home learning during school closures. To be clear, this is about this very specific crisis situation. These are not the same tips that I would share for a normal school day. Let’s keep this practical. Let’s prioritize what’s really important right now. Let’s share and collaborate to make the best of this situation.

7. Home Learning Strategies for Primary Students that ALL Teachers Can Use! [interview with Christine Pinto and Jessica Twomey (e58)

Christine Pinto and Jessica Twomey, two amazing kinder teachers, join me to discuss home learning strategies for primary students that ALL teachers can use. These awesome educators share amazing home learning strategies for primary students, and honestly, ANY teacher can learn from this episode. This is a MUST-LISTEN episode for all teachers.

8. How to Plan for Technology Integration (e05)

Let’s talk about lesson planning. I know, I know, this isn’t the most exciting thing to talk about… but it’s so important! Since this is the last episode in my five-part series, I want you to be able to take everything you’ve learned so far and implement it in your classroom. And, to do that, you need to plan lessons!

9. 70+ Apps That Integrate with Google Classroom (e53)

Did you know that Google Classroom plays well with others? Yep! Google is known for making their applications open to working with third-party applications, and Google Classroom is no exception. I have put together a list of 70+ Apps that Integrate with Google Classroom, making it even easier to create lessons and announcements with your favorite apps and resources. Use this list to explore apps you may already be using or find new ones that will allow you to share easily to Google Classroom.

10. [On-Air Coaching] Staying Focused on the Learning Goals, Not the Technology with Jasmine Saab (e06)

This episode features my very first on-air coaching guest, Jasmine Saab. Jasmine is a second-year fourth-grade teacher at Marrington Elementary School near Charleston, South Carolina. She loves integrating movement and technology from her classroom. Originally from California, Jasmine fills her time with a wide array of hobbies ranging from tandem bike riding to volunteering to singing in foreign languages. As you’ll hear, she also has some struggles, specifically around technology. She’s inspired by technology without always thinking things through to the end in terms of planning and her learning goals.

11. Stop Asking How to Put a Worksheet in Google Classroom (e18)

Yes, I know you REALLY want to know how to put your worksheet into Google Classroom! But, let’s take a step back and take a deeper look at the purpose of your assignment, the power of G Suite, and how you can go BEYOND substitution and a static worksheet.

12. A Framework for Meaningful Technology Integration (e03)

Ready to learn how to meaningfully and practically integrate technology into your classroom?! If so, you’re in the right place! This episode will explore the dynamic learning framework and is part three of a five-part series on meaningful technology integration. I’ve created the Dynamic Learning Framework to help with meaningful technology integration. And yes, this is still very relevant and helpful with online and virtual learning!

13. 10 Google Classroom Tips You Didn’t Know (e29)

In this blog post and podcast episode, you will learn insider Google Classroom tips that most teachers don’t know, as well as a closer look at important Google Classroom updates to help you make the most of this robust tool! Google Classroom is a must-have tool for any teacher who uses G Suite with their students.

14. Easy Lesson Plan Makeovers for Your Classroom (e04)

Give your lessons a dynamic learning upgrade with my easy lesson plan makeovers for your classroom! This is episode four of a five-part series on meaningful technology integration, and I’d love for you to benefit from listening to the whole series in order! This episode is all about concrete examples of taking static assignments and shifting them into more dynamic lessons.

15. Google Classroom Cleanup Tips for the End of the Year (e64)

I’ve put together some Google Classroom cleanup tips for the end of the year! Google Classroom and Google Drive can get quite messy throughout the school year, and you want to get everything cleaned up and set up for success in the next school year. Now that even more teachers are using Google Classroom and planning for whatever the new normal is in the fall, it’s even more important to take the time to reflect, cleanup, and plan! Let’s go all Marie Kondo and tidy up this mess!

16. How to Work From Home and Get Things Done! (e59)

Working and teaching from home is a whole new ballgame, but it is possible to do it productively. I’m sharing my best tips to help you work from home and get things done at the same time–everything from planning, eliminating distractions, prioritizing your to-do list, and my favorite hacks and strategies!

17. What Students Have to Say About Remote Learning [interviews with a 3rd and 12th grader] (e61)

These unprecedented times have brought to light so many issues in education, but if we don’t ask students about their experience, we will never understand the impact. My cousin Charlotte is in the 3rd grade and has plenty to say about this situation. On the flip side, Elena is joining me to share her experience with remote learning as a graduating senior. Their insight is so powerful! Every educator needs to take the time to hear what students have to say about remote learning.

18. [LIVE from ISTE] 10 Awesome Ways to Use Flipgrid in Your Classroom (e21)

I spent some time with ten educators talking about ten awesome ways to use Flipgrid in your classroom [LIVE from ISTE] at the Flipgrid booth. You won’t want to miss the big updates Flipgrid announced at ISTE that Adam “Short-Shorts” Goldberg shares!

19. Lessons Learned from Remote Learning [interview with Evan Robb] (e62)

Evan Robb has been a building level principal for over 20 years, and he’s sharing what this time has been like from his perspective, and lessons learned from remote learning. We all know that our administrators have been working hard to make the remote learning experience as smooth as possible. Now we can hear straight from Evan what it takes to move hundreds of thousands of students to a remote learning model.

20. Leading Through Crisis and Beyond for Teachers and Educational Leaders (e60)

Leading from home through a crisis is a whole new beast. We, as educators and leaders, find ourselves leading from a very unexpected place. Home. Good leaders step up and lead through hard times, and that’s exactly what I see happening every day. I have never been more proud to call myself a teacher. Teachers are stepping up and doing things they’ve never done before, often without any training. No one could have ever predicted we would be in this crisis, and that teachers and school leaders would be leading from home, but what have we learned? Where do we go from here? What will be our new normal?

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