Here are the BEST Blog Posts of 2019!

The Top 20 Posts of 2019I have put together a list of the BEST and most popular Shake Up Learning blog posts from 2019.

I can’t believe we are saying goodbye to another decade.

To all of my readers, thank you for helping me learn and grow as an educator! I learn so much from all of you!

Shake Up Learning turned five in 2019, and now we are headed into our sixth year. I have plans to make 2020 the best year yet!

Reflection is a critical part of the learning process for teachers and students, so I like to take a look back.

I like to take a deeper look at what blog posts and podcast episodes were the most popular, and generated the most comments and traffic.

The goal of this blog has always been to provide teachers with educational technology resources, tips, and tricks, and help teachers find ways to integrate technology meaningfully in the classroom.

This list helps me decide what content to create and how to best help teachers in 2020.

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Drumroll please…Here are the most popular blog posts and podcast episodes of the year!

1. 60+ Apps That Integrate with Google Classroom

This is a post that I update every year, and it is always at the top of the list! Learn about 60+ applications that integrate with Google Classroom.

2. How to Insert Audio in Google Slides (Step-by-Step)

We waited, and we waited for this, but it is finally available for everyone! Learn how you can insert audio files into your Google Slides presentations. This post includes a podcast tutorial and video tutorial!

3. Top 20 Tech Tips for Teachers (#1 Podcast Episode of 2019!)

In this podcast episode, I share my best technology integration tips. HINT: It’s not about the tech; it’s about the learning!

4. How to Get Google Certified (FREE Webinar)

In this FREE webinar, I will explain all the certification options and what it takes to get there. You will get step-by-step info and tons of free resources.

5. Top 10 Secrets of an Awesome Tech Coach

This post and podcast episode is for instructional and tech coaches, and everything in between. I share best practices to help you transform your campus.

6. 15 Google Classroom Tips for Teachers

These tips come from the Shake Up Learning community, and they will completely change how you use Google Classroom! Get the best tips in this post!

7. Google Docs Cheat Sheet

This handy cheat sheet for teachers and students will help you learn the ins and outs of Google Docs, learn keyboard shortcuts, and more! This was the number one freebie of 2019. Did you get your copy yet?

8. Stranger Google: Crazy Tools From the Upside Down

Stranger Google was one of my most popular presentations in 2019, and I share all the goodies in the post. If you want to learn about the lesser-known Google tools and experiments, this post is for you!

9. 5 Ways to Use the Google Docs Explore Tool

The Google Docs Explore Tool gives you some handy features to help you and your students. Check out these five awesome features.

10. 5 Things to Know About Google Classroom (FREE Webinar)

Google Classroom is always getting new features. Grab a seat in this FREE, on-demand webinar to learn about the latest updates.

11. How to Create Drag and Drop Activities with Google Slides

Did you know you can easily create drag-and-drop activities with Google Slides? Yep, and it’s super easy. In this blog post, podcast, and video tutorial, I will show you everything you need to know!

12. 10 Google Classroom Tips You Didn’t Know

Take your Google Classroom skills to the next level with these pro tips! I have put together my best Google Classroom tips and shared them in this post.

13. The Teacher’s Guide to Digital Choice Boards (FREE eBook)

I LOVE choice boards, and they were a game-changer for my classroom. In this blog post, podcast, and FREE eBook, I share my best ideas, tips, and templates to help you implement in your classroom.

14. The Google Certified Educator Level 1 Toolkit (FREE download)

Ready to start working on Level 1 certification? I have three awesome freebies to help you get there! In this Level 1 toolkit, you get my free ebook: The Complete Guide to Google Certifications, the Level 1 Capacity Matrix (a self-assessment of the skills and concepts), and another free eBook: How to Pass the Google Certified Educator Exams.

15. Stop Asking How to Put a Worksheet in Google Classroom

I know you REALLY want to put your worksheet in Google Classroom, but let’s make sure we do this purpose! In this episode, I will give you some new ways to think about worksheets, and yes, I will also teach you how to put your PDF worksheet into Google Classroom.

16. 60 Tools to Inspire Students with Chromebooks

Are you making the most of your Chromebooks? There are so many tools available to help your students create and learn. In this podcast episode, I will share some of the best apps you are not using.

17. 4 Ways to Give Meaningful Feedback with Google Classroom

Just because you can give feedback in Google Classroom doesn’t mean it’s meaningful for students. Let’s take a closer look at ways to make feedback more meaningful and actionable.

18. The Complete Guide to Google Certifications (FREE eBook)

Google Certification is one of the hottest topics on this blog, and this freebie is the #2 download of the year. Learn all about the Google Certification options and what it takes to get there in this free ebook.

19. 10+ Ways to Use Technology in the Math Classroom

Math teachers rejoice! In this podcast episode, Craig Klement shares with me his best ideas for using technology in math at any level. Sit back and let this episode blow your mind!

20. 13 Tips to Organize Your Google Drive

Is your Google Drive a hot mess? In this blog post and podcast episode, I will give you thirteen tips to help you get everything clean and organized! What a great way to start 2020!

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