Ready for our very first student interview? This is it!

Today’s student guest is Camden, an amazing, high-achieving 10-year-old fifth grader at H.E. Bonner Elementary in Moncks Corner, South Carolina.

Things I Wish My Teacher Knew… - SULS007Camden is one of those delightful students who loves learning new things. One of her favorite parts of going to school, in fact, is learning! (Another of her favorite things about school is seeing her friends.)

Even though she loves school, there’s one thing Camden wishes she could change: she wishes students were disciplined more to reduce problems with bullying and being mean to other students.

Camden also shares what she wishes that her teachers understood about her. She tries really hard at school, she explains, and she isn’t sure that her teachers always see or appreciate her efforts.

This episode also offers valuable insight into grading from a student’s perspective. Camden feels very strongly about her grades and wants to keep them high. She’ll share a story today about a time she felt that she was graded unfairly.

Of course, we’ll also dig into technology! Camden enthusiastically rattles off the impressive list of tools they use in class. I’ll include a list below!


I love to ask students what they would learn at school if they could choose, and Camden’s answers are great: she wants to learn languages (especially French so she can visit Paris) as well as dance.

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In This Episode:

[00:28] – Welcome back to the show! Kasey explains the topic of today’s episode, which is the show’s first student interview.

[01:55] – Kasey gives a quick shoutout to Stellaffffff, who left a fantastic review on iTunes!

[02:58] – We have a quick question from Laura Cahill: How do we support more reluctant teachers to embrace technology and new ideas in the classroom?

[08:04] – Kasey introduces the show’s very first student guest: Camden from South Carolina!

[08:36] – We hear about Camden’s age, grade level, and what she likes most about going to school.

[09:40] – If Camden could change anything about school, what would it be?

[11:01] – Camden shifts into talking about her teachers, sharing one thing that she wishes that her teachers understood about her.

[11:54] – Kasey asks Camden about how much a grade means to her, and they chat about whether grades are always reflective of how much work Camden puts in.

[14:41] – Does Camden use technology in class every day?

[16:39] – Camden talks about what she did in school today specifically.

[17:42] – We hear about some opportunities that Camden has had to create things using a Chromebook.

[19:39] – Camden shares her thoughts on the benefits of working with her friends on group projects. She also likes working with kids she’s not as close with.

[21:02] – If she still had to go to school every day, but could learn anything she wanted, what would Camden want to learn?

[23:09] – Camden chats about her many sports and activities outside of school.

[25:10] – We learn about why Camden wants to start a podcast of her own.

[26:34] – Here’s the podcast question for the week: what can we learn from honest conversations with students about the learning in our classrooms?

[27:39] – Kasey explains how to apply to be a student guest on the podcast in a future episode: fill out the application here!

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[30:30] – Kasey takes a moment to thank listeners for tuning in.

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About Camden

Name of School: H.E. Bonner Elementary

Location: Moncks Corner, SC US

Grade Level: 5th

Age: 10

What do you like about school? I actually love learning about new information.  I love that every day is something new.

What do you want to change about school? I wish students were disciplined more and that they were not mean to other students.  

What do you wish your teachers knew about you? I wish my teacher knew how hard I really try.  I wish my teachers knew how much my education meant to me.  

What kind of student are you? I work hard to persevere through anything that I am working on.

What do grades mean to you? I get very upset if I make below a 95.

How often do you get to use technology in your classes? (like computers, tablets, iPads, cell phones, or other devices) everyday

What kind of tasks do you do at school with technology or computers? We access work from Google Classroom, Google Expeditions, coding Dash Robots, Ozobots, Green Screen, stop motions animation to tell a story, research, Google slides for presentations and collaboration, Adobe Spark for presenting organism research, Google Hangouts with writing,, Digital Breakouts  with Westward Expansion, Googles docs for writing and collaboration, Poly for Virtual Reality with the Holocaust

If you still had to go to school every day, but you could learn anything you wanted, what would you want to learn? I would love to learn different languages, dance, and how to build things like an architect.

Tools that Camden uses in class:

Google Classroom

Google Expeditions

Dash Robots


Green screen

Stop motion animation

Google Slides

Adobe Spark

Google Hangouts

Digital breakouts

Google Docs


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